Surviving as a docile love,

In a world of black doves,

Where thoughtfares of thought never visits,

In eyes of dreams within bounded realms.

Suppressed a voice in the mist of hate,

Burns like a fire for the rest,

The plight of her

Is to travel cloudless air,

And beneath her breathes The Monster’s Empire.


Saying from a soul…..

You live in water

I live in ice

Just different forms

Of same kind…

Thou love me with lips

And, I with eyes,

Living under the brolly

That shines bright…

Hidden, a soul in HER

That desires the same,

But SHE resides in a world

Charged with games…

HER soul never postulates

HER body is fragile

Yet those eyes says…

‘You cannot climb high’

But she gives a smile that is blended with courage,

For she resides in a society that believes in revenge…

SHE- The second gender…

Road covered with withered leaves…

Presents the path, that aloof others from their ease,

‘SHE’, as always defined-the ‘OTHER’, agonizes alone…

Fragments of her dream… made by people known.

Walking on the path aloof, she imagines her dream and goal,

Termed by the ‘PROTECTORS’of our society, as thought process with loopholes.

For ‘HER’, she fancies she’s no longer the ‘OTHER’,

Failing to realise, she’s only chirping without feathers,

Though fire in her eyes,

Yet ‘SHE’, is compelled to water her desires…..

– girl from an uncivilized world…(s.r).

Being alive…

Being alive is a flaw,

Where dreams are blown through a straw,

Like bubbles they blend in the air we breathe,

Whose dream is which no one is aware with.
The shimmering veil is what we perceive,

Betrayal is what we receive,

Abreast we all walk,

Yet not turning for a talk.

We all live a life we speak about,

To others who doesn’t knows our whereabouts.

Eyes in night are full of dreams,

That always goes against our beliefs.

So, should we search for the life that blends,

In the world of dreams full of game?

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